I’m Marcus, A freelance product designer.

I specialise in user experience, interaction, new product development, and immersive technologies.



Showcase: Pixel - Urban safety light

Gravity Sketch - Immersive 3D Design

Gravity sketch is a VR sketching tool to create and develop ideas natively in 3D. I joined to help define and explore the new area of immersive design. This approach focused on utilising my industrial design background to bring physicality to the digital space. Work is confidential until release.


Masternaut - Fleet tracking

During a 2 month consultation at Masternaut, I helped the team to develop a new product range to be released next year, and revise key user experiences.

Industrial Design

Installation UX


Immersive Experiences & Technologies

Technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality bring a whole new dimension to the way we interact with information. These projects, with more to follow, explore how we can bring physicality to the digital realm.


Paper Plane AR Experience

Enterprise AR

Project North Star - Open Source AR

Light Konsole - Immersive Hardware

Beryl - Urban Mobility

I joined Beryl to help them expand their consumer and B2B lineup, during my time there we launched 4 new consumer products, including a project I lead called Pixel. We updated the London TFL fleet with our technology, now seen all over the world, and began the work to start a new bike-share system in-house. Designing the bicycle that will be needed and the system it will be within. Other responsibilities included the packaging and exhibition management, and various graphic works.


Pixel -

Two Lights in one

UX and Design

TFL Bike Share

Exhibitions Work


Consumer products

Beryl Bike -

The future of Urban bike share

Blocks - Modular Wearable

BLOCKS is the world’s first modular smartwatch. Aiming to give choice back to the users, the blocks smartwatch presented a unique design challenge having to design both its method and experience.


Designing and engineering the worlds first modular smartwatch

Creative Leadership and Branding


User Experience & Interface

Misc Client Work

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Super-normal Clothing

Co-Founding a new brand of utilitarian clothing



Produced manual illustrations for Beeline’s new products. Focusing on diagrams to minimise the need for multiple languages.


Surgery Preparation Tools

Working with one of the NHS’ top surgeons to improve surgery prep. Work is confidential until release.


Italian Cashmere

Work in conjunction with Majdouline M’saad ( Creative direction) to produce a range of luxury socks.

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